Web Design Package

Sell anything, anywhere, all day, every day.

To sell products and services online, a functional, user-friendly e-commerce website is crucial. But in a busy marketplace, it’s still not enough. At Hue Marketing, we create custom-designed e-commerce websites that not only look great but will help you achieve your online dreams.

Our unique approach combines marketing expertise with website development to create a seamless, intuitive online shopping experience for your customers.


฿ 85,000

Subject to an eCommerce briefing meeting.

ecommerce websites to promote your brand

Site Objective

  • Online purchases.
  • Customer order management.
  • Invoicing, delivery, receipts, stock levels.
  • List building and sales promotion.
  • Build trust and credibility.

Content & Graphics

  • Product images & descriptions.
  • Easy navigation, filters & search
  • Purchase process, returns & refunds.
  • Order email templates.


  • Strong branding.
  • Professional, trustworthy, and reliable.
  • Mobile-friendly & fast-loading pages.
  • On-Page, technical SEO.
ecommerce websites to promote your brand

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