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Two Types of Spot UV - Raised and Flat

Printing Spot Varnish

Discover the key differences between Raised Spot UV and Clear Ink Spot Varnish in our latest marketing blog. Learn when to use each technique and make an informed choice to enhance your printed materials.

What makes an effective website design?

4 Steps to Transform Your Website into a Powerful Marketing Tool

Learn what makes an effective Business Website. Unlock your website’s full potential and transform it into a powerful Marketing Tool.

The power of business cards in modern marketing strategy

Don’t Overlook Business Cards in Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

According to a survey conducted by the Printing Industries of America, 74% of people said they would rather have a tangible business card than an electronic version. This demonstrates the value that people place on physical business cards and the lasting impression they can make.

10 Simple Billboard Rules

Billboard Design Rules

Billboards are very effective for building brand awareness or promoting products or service. But they aren’t cheap, so even simple mistakes can be very costly,

Time To Review Your Brand Identity

Review Your Brand Identity

Brand perception is a powerhouse of marketing that can increase brand awareness, surge brand loyalty, and ultimately sustain your company’s growth for years to follow.

What is Marketing Strategy?

What is Marketing Strategy?

A Marketing Strategy is your overall game plan for finding customers and making sales, comprised of high-level elements like branding, value proposition, and customer demographics.

Broccoli in a cake shop window doesn't get much attention

5 Reasons Facebook Can’t Replace A Business Website

5 common-sense reasons why it’s not a good idea to use a Facebook Page for your companies main online presence.

Map And Magnifier

Google Maps: Your Guide To Improving Your Maps Ranking

Your website’s ranking is crucial to the success of your business – the difference between a good ranking and a bad one could be what separates you from record profits or record losses. There are some really simple steps to improving your Google Maps ranking and I’ve explained them in this guide.

Do You REALLY Own Your Website?

Do You REALLY Own Your Website?

A large part of my time is spent working on website re-designs. Many businesses are just early adopters noticing that times have changed but their site has not. Others just need a real business focused website with clear Call To Actions and a Fast Loading, Mobile Friendly website. Then there are the unfortunate ones that […]

Check your website to make sure its not a lemon. SEO Canonical Issues

2 Duplicate Content Tests You Need To Do Today

How to identify duplicate content caused by canonical issues. Two 30 second tests you can do yourself – no software or technical knowledge needed. If you don’t know what to look for. You may never notice the problem. Even if you did spot something a little odd, chances are you’d be oblivious to the damage it’s doing to your business.

Phuket Customers Retention New vs Old Customers

Why Your Best Customers Are Walking Away

When the balance between new and repeat customers changes suddenly it can have a devastating effect on your business. A high influx of new customers can overwhelm your current service capabilities, which can seriously damage your existing customer base. Before you know it, your regular customers are taking their money somewhere else.

Mobile Friendly Website Google Update

Did We Miss The Point Of Mobilegeddon?

There’s been a lot of speculation about mobilegeddon and why the mobile friendly update didn’t live up to the hype (or threats). So what happened? Did everyone miss the point or what? Instead of trying to speculate what’s going on behind closed doors, let’s take a step back and look at what we do know.

Facebook small business mistake

The Biggest Facebook Mistake Made by Small Businesses

Make sure you’re using Facebook as a marketing tool and not a replacement for your on-line presence. The seemingly obvious concept of adding content to your website first, before sharing it to potential customers via social media now becomes crystal clear. So why is it that so many small businesses are still making this fundamental and potentially disastrous Facebook mistake?

Phuket website design redesign

Digital First Impressions. Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

Website first impressions are 94% design-related. Good quality content does matter, it matters a lot to the success of your site. But you can have the best content in the world but if its surrounded by poor design you will be turning away valuable customers that are ready to buy. A website redesign may be just what you need to make the most of your existing content.

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