Property Showcase:
International Property Awards, Hardcover Book

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International Property Awards Entry in Hardcover 20 Page Book

Creating a Masterpiece for International Property Awards

We were approached by a Phuket-based property client to create a 20-page hardback book for their entry into the International Property Awards competition for the Apartment/Condominium Development category. Having previously developed their branding, we already had a good feel for the project in terms of available assets and what the client was looking for. Without a previous working relationship, taking on a project under such time constraints would have been far more difficult.  We made use of the client’s image collection and used the format from the entry requirements provided by the award organizers in the UK to structure the 14″x10″ book.

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Back & Front Cover of the International Property Awards Entry

Crafting a Visual Showcase

Our client needed a concise and visually appealing hardback book for the International Property Awards competition. With no explicit design direction, our task was to create a cohesive and engaging presentation within a tight timeframe.   We resized and upscaled all their images to ensure they look just as crisp and clear on the printed page as they do on screen.

Design Approach:

It’s no secret that we’re strong advocates for making a great impression. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right! Whether you’re impressing judges or potential customers, every piece of marketing reflects the quality of your business and professionalism.

Given the absence of a design brief, we focused on simplicity and elegance using the competition entry requirements as a guide. The layout, font selection, and color palette were chosen to complement the serene aesthetic of Etherhome’s design. Each page aims to present a seamless blend of captivating visuals and informative content.

Mockup of inside pages property overview section.
Internal Pages for Layout, Appearance & Finish
Inside pages displaying spacious rooms of the property
Visual tour of one featured condo unit.

Visual Storytelling, Coastal Views to Interior Luxury

Utilizing the client’s image library, we curated a visual narrative that showcases the property’s key features. From aerial views highlighting its coastal location to interior shots emphasizing luxury details, the imagery aims to leave a lasting impression on the judges.

There wasn’t time to create new high resolution floorplans, so we enhanced the images we had and further improved readability with the use of layout.

Floorplans for five different condo style.

A Masterpiece Unleashed:

The result is a 20-page hardback book that meets the competition’s criteria while staying true to the property’s unique appeal. The mockups provided offer a glimpse into the understated yet impactful design, emphasizing the property’s charm and qualities.

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International Property Award Entry for Etherhome Phuket

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