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A Sophisticated Logo For a New Luxury Phuket Condo Development

Phuket Property Logo Design Etherhome

Unveiling Design Elegance:
Etherhome’s Logo Redefines Luxury Living

Etherhome Seaview Condo, crafted for opulent living on Phuket Island, boasts top-tier construction, upscale furniture packages, and breathtaking sea views. The seasoned team guarantees the use of sustainable materials and closely oversees the construction process, delivering residents the pinnacle of luxury living.

They approached us (Hue Marketing) to design a sophisticated and adaptable logo that reflects their brand and encapsulates the excellence of their project.

Exploring Concepts

The creative design process unfolded with a myriad of early concepts, each carefully considered. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate the new logo with the existing parent company’s brand, ensuring a harmonious visual identity.

The Final Logo Design

Our designed logo seamlessly integrates with the existing parent development company logo, ensuring aesthetic harmony. To stand out amidst neighboring projects, we conducted additional local research and checks. The logo distinctly captures the Seaview aspect and projects the high-quality essence of the development. Versatility is key to a successful logo design, accommodating future digital, print, and a metal exterior sign at the condominium’s entrance.

We prioritized a design adaptable to a single color, offering independence with or without the logo mark for maximum flexibility. Rigorous attention to structured spacing and alignment guarantees consistent use across all future applications.

The screens below are a sample of the final logo designs and mockups.

Etherhome Phuket Logo Design
Logo Design Light & Dark
Logo Design Spacing Guide
Logo Typeface and Font Information
Wide Format Logo Design
Gold Foil Logo Design
Phuket Logo Design Mockup
Property Logo Design Mockups


Throughout the logo design process, we explored various applications for the ETHERHOME logo across diverse marketing materials. From social media profiles to icons, billboards, business cards, and brochures, we ensured its seamless integration. The success of any logo lies in its ability to connect with your brand across different platforms. Thus, we prioritized versatility, ensuring the logo’s adaptability for widespread use.

In the competitive property market of Phuket, where differentiation is a challenge, we initiated our design journey with thorough research. Our focus was on creating a timeless and highly adaptable design that captures the essence of one of Phuket’s newest luxury seaview condos.

As part of our dedication to versatility in Logo Design, we provide multiple copies of the finished logo in various formats and sizes including vector formats for both print and digital use allowing the logo to be resized without any loss of quality.

Logo Display and Merchandise Mockups