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    Our objective was to increase brand recognition of a new retail outlet in Lagoon Road Plaza for Patriko London. Our brief was wide open, as the client wanted something “FUNKY” to reflect the style of fashion items available in Phuket based retail outlet. It also had to be functional which meant able to fit the products available in the shop.

    There were several elements to the project but we instantly knew we definitely wanted to make a statement with our bags.  It as important to design something that people would want to re-use after the initial retail purchase.

    Besides being mobile advertising and instantly recognisable from across the street. High quality branded bags help establish your retail outlets as a more upscale business. Consumers who carry your bags reinforce that image. When they use your bag and show off your logo, they’re showing other people that yours is a brand that they too can trust.

Retail Shopping Bag Design for Patriko London


The small size designed for jewellery and accessories or the range of herbal health products the shop stocks.

The medium and large bags were sized to comfortably fit a single shoe box or 2 shoe boxes with room for some clothing garments too.

The design is a folded construction with re-enforced base, so the bags are strong and long lasting.

Brand Design - Shopping bag sizes