Salon Tri-Fold Leaflet
Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral like flyers & leaflets still have an important role in today’s digital world.

Tri-Fold Leaflet - Phuket Salon


The original leaflet before the re-design.

There were several problems with the leaflet in it’s original design. Many problems came down to design preference but some were fundamental mistakes that could not be ignored. Readability, no call to action and no contact or even location details for the salon.

  • Leaflet Readability Problem

    If customers can’t read your marketing material, there’s no point having it.  Font selection & contrast. Using a text colour that doesn’t stand out from the background makes it difficult to read. Adding a thick white outline to all the text didn’t solve this problem, it only made it worse.

  • Leaflet Objective Problem

    The salon owner wanted to use these leaflets in several locations. Placing them in shops, restaurants and hotels around the area.  Unfortunately not everyone designs with a business goal in mind. This is the reason why the original leaflet had no location or contact information for the salon.

Original Tri-fold Leaflet (outside)
Original Tri-fold Leaflet (inside)


The new re-designed leaflet

Effective marketing collateral, no matter what it is must be visually pleasing & functional. To fix the fundamental design problems and create an effective tri-fold leaflet. We also wanted to design something that uniquely reflected the salon it was promoting.

  • Leaflet Readability Fix

    With a cleaner layout the information is easier for people to quickly ‘scan’ the services and treatments available. Using a serif font for the main text increased readability, without increasing the font size. We also used a high contrasting text and background and used the logo colour to accent information.

  • Leaflet Objective Fix

    We reclaimed the rear panel of the tri-fold leaflet. Identifying where the salon was and how to contact them. Because of the improved layout, we were also able to add even more information than the original. The leaflet now worked as an effective marketing tool to promote the salon.

Re-Designed Tri-fold Leaflet (outside)
Re-Designed Tri-fold Leaflet (inside)

End Results

Designs that meet business objectives guarantee results every time.

The new redesigned leaflet is as different as night and day.  Unmistakably unique and identifiable to the Beauty by Bow Salon. Besides the printed version of the leaflet, as pert of our flyer design services, we also produced digital versions in PDF format (with and without prices).  These can promote the salon and its many services online. Through social media networks and email.

Knowing why each business needs marketing collateral and understanding how they will be used to promote a business. It’s not just our ability to create awesome flyers and brochures, the real magic happens as a result of our business-focused graphic design process. These are the FIRST step in effective design. This type of insight isn’t represented in pixels and you can’t point to it in the finished design. But it is the main difference between the two leaflet designs.

If you have any marketing collateral, leaflets, brochures, flyers, billboard designs, or posters that you’d like to fix. Use the button below to get in touch, we’d love to take a look.